CLAYGO (Clean As You Go) for Laptops

Having a chaotic digital environment in your computer can disrupt workflow and kill inspiration.
How do we keep our laptops clean and clutter free?

 We clean our homes so we won’t get visited by vermin and unwanted bugs — and have peace of mind. In the office, we want to see a clean work table, so we can think better. Good housekeeping is crucial for effective work flow. It is the same with our laptops. Here are some good housekeeping tips to keep your computer neat and conducive for high performance work.
Clean Up Desktop
Do a weekly clean up of your desktop. Delete unnecessary screenshots, draft files, and duplicate copies. Transfer large video files and massive picture files to other storage means. Ideally, do it on a Friday, so you can end your work for the week neatly, and get a fresh and clean start on Monday. This helps in clearing up your mind to be able to make right decisions.Link to Cloud Storage
Who hasn’t experienced a portable hard disk crash and all your precious files along with it? Perhaps a lost USB flash drive? Learn to link to cloud storage. The only safe place for your files.
App Deletion or Update
See which apps you haven’t used in the last 3 months. You might want to delete them first, to free up some storage space. You can reinstall anyway. Check also the apps that need updating. The app makers usually fix bugs as a result of the update.Your Files in Folders
Have a passion to put your files in the right file folder. If you are the type that puts your current work on desktop (like me), make sure that by the end of the day, you transfer them to the right folder.

Garbage Out
Check your Trash or Recycle Bin folder. They eat up space. Clear them out. Burn!

Organize Email
This one’s going to need your time and effort. It’s common for people to just leave their inboxes with unopened files — up to thousands. Well here’s what you can do. First, Unsubscribe to email you don’t need. Second, clean up your Junk or Spam folders. Third, filter incoming mails and put them into labels. Wouldn’t it be nice to see your inbox with a few unread, and emails that really matter to you? Organize your email and improve your effectivity and response time to those who email you.

Remember to CLAYGO to increase efficiency.

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