How to Build Relational Capital: Why “Friend Raising” is the key to Fund Raising

In whatever business you are in — capital is needed.

Whether the capital is monetary or “perspiratory” (hard work!), it involves a key aspect: relationships. Here are guides to “friend raising” to help build your relational capital.

1. Build Genuine Friendships

Love the people you work with. It’s felt with the authentic “How are you?” and also going out of your way to help when they are in dire need of support. Customer service and partnerships are about “extra-mile friendships” that happen in the business environment. Start caring for others, and express it in tangible ways.

2. Be Worthy of Trust

When friends help you build your dream by helping you financially (lending you money), make sure that whatever you promised them, you’ll fulfill. When you say you’ll deliver a product or get back to them on a certain time and date, you have to make it happen. Make your name synonymous to trustworthiness. Trust is a fragile gift that requires the highest level of stewardship.

3. Get Support through Trust and Diligence

Capital is built on trust. If they believe in you, they will also believe in the capacity of your business. They will support and buy from you. Of course, a diligently-made, credible and well-thought of business plan is a major requirement.

The returns of Relational Capital is one of the most rewarding experiences: you gain trusted friends. Each day, target two type of activities: Deepening your current friendships and making new friends.


How much time are you willing to spend to build your relational capital?

How many people are you targeting this week?

For 3 years, Jesus built trust with a core of 12. The trust that Jesus built has become the strongest institution in the world: The Church. This trust has been passed on through apostolic succession for generations. Jesus wasn’t raising funds. He was raising faith. We can learn from the Master how he loved, forgave, and empowered his core.

Our endeavors can only succeed as far as people believe in our word. Don’t just build a network of contacts. Build a network of trust.

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