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Are You a Worrier?

Does worrying make you paralyzed? Find out what to do when you are a worrier. #TheFiredUpLife Subscribe now to the Fired Up mailing list and be first to know of new videos, ebooks, and articles of The Fired Up Life.

Five Steps to Effectively Market Your Product

Hi! Are you selling something? Is it a challenge to market your product or service? In this episode, I’ll be sharing with you my experience in selling my book, The Fired Up Life. I was overwhelmed by the 700 pre-orders I got before launching it. So, I reflected on what I think I did right.…

What Sets You on Fire?

Check out the video of the First Fired Up Coffee Session! 5 people showed up for the free Passion Coaching session at 6am. I started by sharing Chapter 1 of my book, The Fired Up Life, then we talked about what fires us up. It’s amazing how sharing about your passion can inspire others. Join…

4 Steps to Writing Compelling Content

Do you struggle in writing content that will catch the attention of your audience? Do you want your readers or listeners to get engaged and find high value in your message? Discover the 4 Steps to Writing Compelling Content. Have a Fired Up Day! #TheFiredUpLife

3 Ways to Cope with Exhaustion

How to Increase Trust to Build Your Business and Career

Would you deal with somebody you don’t trust? Without trust, you won’t get far. The more people trust you, the more opportunities come. Learn how to increase trust through the 3 Keys to Becoming Trustworthy. Have a Fired Up Week! #TheFiredUpLife

Why Who You Are Is Your Greatest Advantage

How often do we compare ourselves to others? We often wish we had other people’s skills, opportunities, and network. But have we really explored the full potential of our abilities? In this episode, you’ll find out how to maximize your God given gifts by asking yourself the 5 questions to self-discovery. Get Fired Up!

3 E’s To Be A Good Mentor

How to Manage Stress on Deadlines

Are you trying to beat a deadline? Are payments due soon? Are you stressed?! We don’t like stress, but it’s part of work and life. Learn how to manage stress, and get the job done on time! I’ll be sharing 5 Things to do when work gets really tough and pressure is up. Fired Up…

Three Ways to Grow in Excellence

Fired Up Mondays Ep.14: Three Ways to Grow in Excellence We all want to become excellent at what we do — to deliver the best products and services in our field. Find out how to deliver great work, by learning the 3 Ways to Grow in Excellence. #TheFiredUpLife

No one is exempt from feeling tired or getting demotivated at work. A dismaying experience may have caused this – like being rejected, efforts are not being acknowledged, or having a habit of easily getting depressed. 

With all the pressures building up to provide for family and to prepare for the future, there is no time to get bogged down by feelings of discouragement. We want to overcome procrastination – the number one dream killer – and go full steam ahead with our work so we can reach our goals.

This website, The Fired Up Life, will help you motivate yourself to get your career moving to reach its highest potential.


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