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How to Maximize Your Day for Productivity and Family

Fired Up Mondays Episode 13: How to Maximize Your Day for Productivity and for Family Do you find yourself overextending your work at home? Are your spouse and kids wishing you’d spend more time with them? We are all given the same number of hours in a day — how do we make the most…

How to Cast a Vision that will Excite your Team

Fired Up Mondays! Ep. 12: How to Cast A Vision that Will Excite Your Team: 4 B’s to Becomig a Visionary Leader Are you having difficulty motivating your team? Do you want to build a team that’s excited for their work? Vision is very important. Without vision, there is no direction. Without vision, we easily…

How to be a Better Speaker

Fired Up Mondays: ep.11 How to be a Better Speaker Afraid of giving a talk? Speaking in front of a crowd is challenging, but there’s a simple formula to be able to get your message across easily and with impact. Discover How to be a Better Speaker by learning the 3S of Effective Communication. #TheFiredUpLife

Enjoy Your Work

While visiting Qatar, I encountered an interesting and attention-grabbing way of selling ice cream. Find out why TURKISH ICE CREAM sells very well. You’ll enjoy this video. Don’t forget to share.

How to Increase Your Knowledge

Knowledge is a key to leadership and the way to grow your business or career. One of the best ways to achieve significant progress in your work is increase your capacity to contribute. How do we do this? By increasing what you know. In this episode, learn the 3 Ways to Increase Your Knowledge. Have…

How to Improve Your Trade

Whether you’re selling a product or rendering service, it’s important to improve the quality of your trade. Learn 3 ways to enhance your trade.

3 Ways to Overcome Your Fears

Fired Up Mondays ep. 7: Three Ways to Overcome Your Fears Fear paralyzes us from achieving our goals. Find out 3 practical ways to deal with fear and gain the courage to win over obstacles.

How to Propel Your Purpose and Reach Greater Heights

Fired Up Mondays ep. 6: HOW TO PROPEL YOUR PURPOSE AND REACH GREATER HEIGHTS I visited the Air Force Park in Clark Air Base in Pampanga and thought of making a video about Propelling your Purpose.  Find out how to reach greater heights with your God-given Purpose.

HOW TO DEAL WITH TRANSITION: 3 Steps to Guide You in Going through a Major Change

I was in transit in Abu Dhabi airport going to Doha, and I thought of making a video about Life in Transition. If you are going through a major change in your life, then this video is for you. Learn How To Deal With Transition.

How to Make Your Career Fly

Fired Up Mondays Ep:4 What are the things that hold you down? What do you need to reach greater heights? Find out in this episode.

No one is exempt from feeling tired or getting demotivated at work. A dismaying experience may have caused this – like being rejected, efforts are not being acknowledged, or having a habit of easily getting depressed. 

With all the pressures building up to provide for family and to prepare for the future, there is no time to get bogged down by feelings of discouragement. We want to overcome procrastination – the number one dream killer – and go full steam ahead with our work so we can reach our goals.

This website, The Fired Up Life, will help you motivate yourself to get your career moving to reach its highest potential.


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